• Zhu, L., Hall, M., and Matsudaira, J. (2020). "Immigration Enforcement and Employment in Large Firms: Evidence from County Participation in 287(g)." In B. Jivetti and M. N. Hoque (Ed.), Population Change and Public Policy. Springer.

Working Papers

  • "Comparative Immigration Policies and the Role of International Students in U.S. Higher Education."

  • "About Time: How Combination and Sequence of Weather Events Shape Mexico-U.S. Migration Flows." (with Filiz Garip)

  • "The Risk of Being Deported: Deportation Prevalence among Unauthorized Immigrants in the interior U.S."

Works in Progress

  • "Spillover Effects of U.S. High-Skilled Immigration Policy on Immigrants and Natives in Canada."

  • "Effect of International Students on Local Communities' Attitude toward Immigration." (with Tung Dang)

  • "Direct and Spillover Effects of DACA: Evidence from Consumption Patterns and Labor Market Outcomes." (with Rene Crespin)

  • "Does Trade Increase High-Skilled Emigration? Evidence from Vietnam's WTO Accession." (with Tung Dang and Gary Lin)