Teaching Assistantships - Cornell University

  • PhD-Level Applied Econometrics (Fall 2021)

PAM Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, Spring 2021


Teaching Evaluation Excerpts

  • "Her explanations for every topic just made the course content make SENSE. Something about the way she describes
    things, she just gets right to the point. No fluff. During the week I would go to lecture, not entirely absorbing everything, but I was honestly excited to sit in her discussion Thursday morning because I knew I would be enlightened with all of her statistics knowledge. Hands-down the best TA I have ever had. She is the reason I did not drop the course and ended up LOVING IT. Amazing amazing amazing." 


  • "She's so kind and well-spoken and is clearly passionate about what she does. I loved learning from her during recitations, as she made all the information clear and easy to understand. I loved her!!"

  • "The TA used her computer with a camera and her iPad to explain statistics visually, which was really helpful for
    building my learning. Our discussion group didn't want to turn on our cameras, and she also took that with stride,
    which I also appreciated. The TA always brought a smart, fun attitude to each discussion, and I felt more encouraged
    to show up. All around, excellent TA; I would recommend."